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      JAPANESE ARTIST CHASING ON COPPER. JAPANESE ARTIST CHASING ON COPPER."Baron of Sudley," said John Ball, "do ye acknowledge that child as your son?"

      "But who may you be, stranger, who thus interest yourself for the injured?" asked the monk, "or why this disguise?"

      Yes; and it was true before you were born or thought of, continued this terrible old lady. Your father didnt marry so much beneath him either. Ah, he was in a precious small way, he was, when he came a-courting your mother.

      Chapter 8

      They decided to go by the Northwestern Railway to Omaha. From the latter place they had no choice of route, as there was only a single line of road between Omaha and California."My lord," returned Skipwith, with a slight smile, "know you so little of Edward as to imagine that no change could pass in his royal mind without the monk being privy to it?"



      Doctor Bronson explained that it was done by means of a black paint or varnish, peculiar to Japan. The paint was rubbed on the teeth with a rag or stiff brush, and made the gums very sore at first. It remained quite bright and distinct for the first few days, but in the course of a week it faded, and by the end of ten or twelve days a renewal was necessary. If left to itself, the coloring would disappear altogether within a month from the time of its application.


      "Strike down the knave!" cried De Boteler, rising fiercely from his seat. "Drive him forth like a dog," continued he, as the monk, without quickening his pace, walked proudly away; but no hand responded to the baron's mandate. A cry arose of "Touch not the Lord's anointed," and the monk was permitted to depart as he came, unharmed.