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      Larry had overlooked that point for the instant. It was his only difficulty in flying, to recollect always to control all the different movements together. The joystick, operating the wing-flap ailerons by the left-or-right, lateral movement, also raised or depressed the elevators by forward-or-backward movement. However, in any lateral position, the forward and backward set of the stick worked the elevators and in executing a control maneuver, even as simple as going into a bank combined with a turning glide, or downward spiral, the movement of the stick should be both slightly sidewise, for sufficient bank, and, with the same movement, slightly forward, for depressing the nose into a glide, returning the stick from slightly forward back to neutral to avoid over-depressing the nose into too steep a glide; if not put back in neutral when the right angle was attained, the depressed elevators would continue to turn the forward part of the craft more steeply downward.CHAPTER XXVIII NIGHT IN THE HANGAR

      "Were you catching the tarantula yesterday when I saw you lying upon the ground by the dump heap?"

      We might as well tell you, Sandy, now that its all off, Dick said. We were going to give you another presenta hop over your own house in Flatbushwith Larry for pilot! But

      The Agency man thought a question would not commit him. He had not been round at that time, and he asked for information. The lieutenant gave it to him.




      "Who told you he was?" she asked.