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      "Good-by!" they cried together and were dumb again; but in their mutual gaze--more vehement than their voices joined--louder than all the din about them--confession so answered worship that he snatched her to his breast; yet when he dared bend to lay a kiss upon her brow he failed once more, for she leaped and caught it on her lips.

      [8] On this mission of the Hurons to the Andastes, see Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1648, 58-60.

      [12] tat Prsent des Missions, in Relations Indites, II. 44. Relation, 1676, 2. This is one of the Relations printed by Mr. Lenox.Byssa stretched out her arms.

      Some of his innumerable visions have been already mentioned. (See ante, (page 108).) Tanner, Societas Militans, gives various others,as, for example, that he once beheld a mountain covered thick with saints, but above all with virgins, while the Queen of Virgins sat at the top in a blaze of glory. In 1637, when the whole country was enraged against the Jesuits, and above all against Brbeuf, as sorcerers who had caused the pest, Ragueneau tells us that "a troop of demons appeared before him divers times,sometimes like men in a fury, sometimes like frightful monsters, bears, lions, or wild horses, trying to rush upon him. These spectres excited in him neither horror nor fear. He said to them, 'Do to me whatever God permits you; for without His will not one hair will fall from my head.' And at these words all the demons vanished in a moment."Relation des Hurons, 1649, 20. Compare the long notice in Alegambe, Mortes Illustres, 644.

      [64] The figure of a large bird is perhaps the most common,as, for example, the good spirit of Rock Island: "He was white, with wings like a swan, but ten times larger."Autobiography of Blackhawk, 70.

      [22] Buteux, Narr, MS.



      [42] Procs Verbal de la Prise de Possession.


      I have traced, in another volume, the life and death of the noble founder of New France, Samuel de Champlain. It was on Christmas Day, 1635, that his heroic spirit bade farewell to the frame it had animated, and to the rugged cliff where he had toiled so long to lay the corner-stone of a Christian empire.[3] The migrations of this band of the Hurons may be traced by detached passages and incidental remarks in the Relations of 1654, 1660, 1667, 1670, 1671, and 1672. Nicolas Perrot, in his chapter, Deffaitte et Füitte des Hurons chasss de leur Pays, and in the chapter following, gives a long and rather confused account of their movements and adventures. See also La Poterie, Histoire de l'Amrique Septentrionale, II. 51-56. According to the Relation of 1670, the Hurons, when living at Shagwamigon Point, numbered about fifteen hundred souls.