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      [166] Walker, Journal, 124, 125.

      He had never seen service, and knew nothing of war. By birth he was Irish, of good family, 287Having painted, greased, and befeathered themselves, the Indians mustered for the grand council which always preceded the opening of the market. The Ottawa orator spoke of nothing but trade, and, with a regretful memory of the cheapness of English goods, begged that the French would sell them at the same rate. The Huron touched upon politics and war, declaring that he and his people had come to visit their old father and listen to his voice, being well assured that he would never abandon them, as others had done, nor fool away his time, like Denonville, in shameful negotiations for peace; and he exhorted Frontenac to fight, not the English only, but the Iroquois also, till they were brought to reason. "If this is not done," he said, "my father and I shall both perish; but, come what may, we will perish together." [20] "I answered," writes Frontenac, "that I would fight the Iroquois till they came to beg for peace, 254 and that I would grant them no peace that did not include all my children, both white and red, for I was the father of both alike."

      E. Boscawen.In the city itself every gate, except the Palace Gate, which gave access to the bridge, was closed and barricaded. A hundred and six cannon were mounted on the walls. [708] A floating battery of twelve heavy pieces, a number of gunboats, eight fireships, and several firerafts formed the river defences. The largest merchantmen of Kanon's fleet were sacrificed to make the fireships; and the rest, along with the frigates that came with them, were sent for safety up the St. Lawrence beyond the River Richelieu, whence about a thousand of their sailors returned to man the batteries and gunboats.

      [874] Journal of the Siege, by the Chief Engineer, in Beatson, II. 544. Mante, 398-465. Entick, V. 363-383.

      THE OUTAGAMIE WAR.Says Montcalm: "Those are Shirley'sI know the lappels."

      Frederic of Prussia ? The Coalition against him ? His desperate Position ? Rossbach ? Leuthen ? Reverses of England ? Weakness of the Ministry ? A Change ? Pitt and Newcastle ? Character of Pitt ? Sources of his Power ? His Aims ? Louis XV. ? Pompadour ? She controls the Court, and directs the War ? Gloomy Prospects of England ? Disasters ? The New Ministry ? Inspiring Influence of Pitt ? The Tide turns ? British Victories ? Pitt's Plans for America ? Louisbourg, Ticonderoga, Duquesne ? New Commanders ? Naval Battles.

      V1 writer of the time thinks that if they had landed in Pennsylvania, forty thousand pounds would have been saved in money, and six weeks in time. [201]V1 Indians showed on this occasion; for without them my orders would have been given in vain. The hopes of His Britannic Majesty have vanished, and will hardly revive again; for I shall take care to crush them in the bud." [474]


      For authorities of the foregoing chapter, see Appendix I.V1 true government; to him they gave a frank and full allegiance, and dared not disobey him if they would. Of knowledge he gave them nothing; but he taught them to be true to their wives and constant at confession and Mass, to stand fast for the Church and King Louis, and to resist heresy and King George; for, in one degree or another, the Acadian priest was always the agent of a double-headed foreign power,the Bishop of Quebec allied with the Governor of Canada. [270]


      "I will consider all that," he said loftily.