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      "What next?" sighed Si. "Is the whole world bent on bringin' whisky into this camp? Haint they got none for the others?"CHAPTER XXI. SI AND SHORTY WERE RAPIDLY LEARNING

      "Hello," exclaimed the others joyfully; "where did you get that?"

      "I hope not, Pap. But then, you know, I ain't no bank-note detector. I can't tell the Cincinnati kind from the Richmond kind, and I never try very hard. All Confedrt money's alike to me, and I guess in the end it'll be to them. Both kinds say they'll be paid six months after the conclusion of peace be twixt the Confederate States and the United States, and I guess one stands jest as good show as the other. The woman asked me apiece for these chickens, and I paid her in the Confedrit money I happened to have in my pocket. I didn't notice whether it wuz printed in Cincinnati or Richmond. I got it from one o' the boys playin' p. I mean he paid it to see me." He gave Shorty a furtive kick and whispered: "Come mighty nigh givin' my self away that time."The lover, after he has won his best girl's consent.

      "You've got hoofs like a foundered hoss," retorted Si.

      Bimeby we got to Nashville. Abe Lincoln wuz hungry, & I stopped 2 git him something to eat. My gracious, the lot ov ham & aigs at 50 cents a plate & sandwiches at 25 cents a piece that contraband kin eat. He never seemed 2 git full. He looked longingly at the pies, but I let him look. I wuzzent runnin no Astor House in connexion with the Freedmen's buro.


      "A dollar on the deuce; a dollar on the five," said Shorty.


      "And Secesh soljers, butternut brigands, rebel rascals," added Tilda.


      "What was in that letter you got?" demanded Pendleton. "Has that got anything to do with it?"One by one the companies filed back into the cedars, Co. Q being last. Just as they started the rebels on the opposite hill discovered the movement, raised a yell, and started across the field.