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      And he carried a prayer from the lad of the Manor,It was nearly four months subsequent to the departure of De Boteler from the castle, ere Byles proceeded to earn the gold which had, in some measure, set him to rights with the world. It was about the middle of March;the morning had risen gloomily, and, from a dense mass of clouds, a slow heavy rain continued to pour during the whole of the day. "Sam," said Byles to a servitor, a faithful stupid creature, with just sufficient intellect to comprehend and obey the commands of his master."Sam, if this rain continues we must go to work to-night?"

      "Yesback to her parents at Tonbridge"and Reuben grinned."She wur a beautiful woman, Alice."

      They could afford to be generous now they were free, so they sent him long letters, carefully printed out, as he could not read running hand. They told him wonderful stories of camps and bivouacs, of skirmishes and snipings. They enlarged on the grilling fierceness of the December sun which had burnt their faces brick-red and peeled their noseson the flies which swarmed thicker by far than over Odiam middenon the awful dysentery that grabbed at half their palson the hypocritical Boers, who read the Bible and used dum-dum bullets."I should rather say 'abominable,'" Anne interrupted gently.

      "He's better have some warm ale," said the old man we have before mentioned, with a sneer"these garments seem to weigh down the spirit of our new guest."

      Bessie was a sturdily built little person, but the weight of her was a rich delight, and if his arms strained, they strained with tenderness as well as with effort. Under them her frock crushed and gave out a fragrance of crumpled cotton, her hand was warm against his neck, and on his cheek tickled her soft hair. The shadows ran towards them from the corners of the field, slipping like ghosts over the grass, and one or two pale stars kindled before them, where the sky dropped into the woods.... An owl lifted his note of sadness, which wandered away over the fields to Ellenwhorne....

      He had tried to talk to Marvor about the truths, of course. Marvor, though, had been obstinately indifferent. Nothing made any impression on his hardened, stubborn mind. And now he was gone.

      With many tears, and the help of the kindly farmer's daughter at Eggs Hole, who acted as penwoman, Bessie wrote a letter to Robert in the Battery gaol:Her young face bowed to his neck, and suddenly his lips crept round and lay against the coolness of her cheek. She did not move, and he still walked on, the grass splashing under his feet, the rabbits scampering round him, showing their little cotton-tails in the dark.


      MRS. G.: We found out


      "No," he said, surprising himself. "Tell me. What rumors?"


      "Which would not be believed. They offer nothing, nothing that these people want. Oh, yes, people can be changed" Dr. Haenlingen paused. "Given sufficient time and sufficient equipment, it is possible to make anyone into anything, anything at all. But to change these people, to make them act as we wantthe time required is more than ten years, Norma. And we haven't got ten years."